Thanks For The Curiosity

Hi!  And thanks for clicking the link.

So here’s the deal: I’m working on some stuff.  It’s a project – more like a group of projects – that I’m really excited about.  And no, it’s not something I’m doing instead of “Breakfast Radio with Neil, Sam & Jane” on Zoomer Radio in Toronto.  (You kidding?  I have the best job in the world, and I get to work with my friends every day. )

But the truth is, there is something that’s about to take up a bunch of my spare time, and some friends and I are working behind the scenes to get the infrastructure in place before we launch it; but I was told by at least one person who’s smarter than I, “You should put up a web page with a signup form so you’re not just talking to yourself when it all launches.”

So there’s a signup form below.  If you put your email address in and click the blue button, you’ll get a confirmation email; and after that, I’ll send you exactly one email.  It’ll be the email that announces the details of what I’m working on, and where to find it.  Feel free to hit “Unsubscribe” whenever you feel like it.  I’m not selling your email address to some third party; I’m just reaching out to anyone who hears that I’ve got something cool in the works and thinks to themselves, “Hmm… I wonder what that’s about?”

Even mildly intrigued?  Cool… here’s the form.