Alex & Me

So yesterday, in case you’re completely unfamiliar, the baseball world was semi-stunned with the decision by Alex Anthopoulos to reject a contract extension that would have allowed him to continue as the General Manager of the Toronto Blue Jays.

In what might have been one of the most “high road” press conferences in history, Anthopolous told participants in a conference call that after examining the contract offer, he’d reached the conclusion that

I just didn’t feel like this was the right fit for me going forward

Great quote.

And it got me thinking about things.

Several years ago now, I was advised by some folks who were smart enough to know, that I should put a stake in the ground in “The Dad Space” on the Internet.  Take the various things I’ve done in my 35 years in media and entertainment, and put them to work generating eyeballs.  About six months later, Dadditudes was born.  An online magazine of sorts, targeted at men who had outgrown the “boobies and beer” mindset that dominated both new and traditional media offerings for men.  It worked.  At its peak, the site was generating several thousand pageviews every day, and for two or three years, it consumed a great deal of my time.

Almost two years ago, I joined the morning show at Zoomer Radio in Toronto. A few months later I also took over as Music Director and assumed the duties most often referred to in radio as “Program Director”.  My radio stuff led to 16-hour days and 100-hour weeks that made running Dadditudes at the same time an impossibility; so it sat untouched until unattended software upgrades and outdated material rendered it kind of useless.  (FWIW, the tradeoff has been that I’m behind the wheel at a radio station that’s growing in leaps and bounds, enjoying the best ratings it has ever had, and a morning show whose audience has more than quintupled in the last eighteen months.)

A few times, I’ve thought about rebuilding it.  A couple of months ago, I was a handful of keystrokes away from a relaunch.

And then, 27 hours ago, Alex Anthopolous got on a phone and said some stuff that resonated with me.

So for the eleven people who will end up reading this, I suppose I’m writing to “announce” that Dadditudes is going away permanently, as are the radio / book / television / event projects associated with it, in their various stages of development.  I just don’t feel like it’s the right fit for me going forward.

What is the right fit, beyond the work I currently do at my day job, and the opinion pieces I do for CTV News Channel?

Good question.

Hell, I can’t even pick a theme for my blog.  This might be the most plain theme WordPress offers.  There’s not even a logo.  Or an image.  And today, I kinda like that.

I guess this site will pick up where Dadditudes left off, but I’ll be able to do things here that don’t come along with the handcuffs of having to serve an existing niche audience.  So this’ll be a place I can write editorial content (because if you know anything about me, you know I’m obnoxiously opinionated), post videos, toss in a parody song or two, and just offer what seems like it is the best fit right now.  I might even settle on a theme someday.

Over the last bunch of years, my description of “the right fit” has changed a great deal. I’ve spent a lot of time – and earned a living in the process – as a writer, a comedian, an actor, a singer, a radio DJ, a columnist, a TV talking head, an event organizer, a coder, a tech geek, an ad agency guy, a professor, and probably other stuff too.  So who knows what’s coming?

Certainly not I.